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Acupuncture DIY Crystals activate faster when you add distilled, filtered or spring water on the unbranded smooth surface. Try it out before you apply to your skin.

For additional information, please check out the FAQ page

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  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after each acupuncture DIY session.

  • Each session should be 15 to 30 minutes in duration. Avoid over-stimulation.

  • DO NOT apply crystals on the abdomen area when over-starvation or over-eating.

  • DO NOT apply crystals on inflammation, tumor, skin disease and joint area.

  • DO NOT apply crystals directly on the heart. For pregnant women, DO NOT apply crystals on "Sanyinjiao", "Jianjing" and "Hegu" acupuncture points.

  • Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 12

  • Everyone reacts to crystals differently. The extreme minty and spicy feeling you get from the crystals means there are some blockages. The crystals are working for you. Please be patient and let your chi flow smoothly.

  • Crystals are fragile against hardened surfaces, such as tiled floor. Please handle with care.

  • Avoid hand contact with mucous membrane such as eyes, inside of mouth after each acupuncture session. For example, if you need to put on or remove your contact lenses, please use a glove to apply crystals; afterwards, you can remove the glove before handling contact lenses.. Eyes safety is very important. When irritations occur, thoroughly wash your hands with water.

  • Please exercise common sense. Read FAQ for more information. Contact us if you have any additional questions.

Facial Rejuvination

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15-30 Minutes







Anti-Aging/Facial Rejuvination

Somewhere along the line, our society lost respect for the wisdom of age, and instead began to worship at the altar of youth.  Now, it’s understandable to spend the golden years of your life pining over lost, subjective “beauty”.  We think you’re beautiful just the way you are!


We can help you with your wrinkles, too. 

Scientifically speaking, the process of how wrinkles form is very interesting.  Over time, the skin loses collagen and elastin, causing the skin to become thinner.  As this happens, it becomes more difficult for it to retain moisture.  Also, during this same time, aging causes the human body to lose fat just under the skin.  This fat is a big reason why the skin keeps up a youthful appearance.  They don’t call it “baby fat” for no reason!

And the muscles that you exercise more often are the ones that will have the most pronounced wrinkles.

Now, what if I told you there was a way to turn back the clock?

And what if I told you it was as easy as taping a small crystal to your skin?

Most people who believe in the infallibility of Western medicine would have a hard time believing it… but it’s completely true nonetheless.  These are the same people who think it’s a good idea to inject themselves with BOTULISM, an incredibly rare and life threatening biological illness. 

When you think about it, it is complete lunacy!  Western medicine has somehow convinced people it is a better idea to inject a viral NERVE TOXIN IN THEIR FACE than trust the time-honored, ancient wisdom of a people who are directly responsible for some of the most renowned and wondrous achievements of all of mankind!

Our DIY Acupuncture Crystals are based on the scientifically proven Eastern medical practice of Acupuncture… which has shown time and time again over thousands of years that not only can it reduce the appearance of wrinkles… but it can do so far more effectively than any of the overpriced modern treatments available today!

And OUR system takes traditional acupuncture and does it even better.  You don’t need ANY NEEDLES… which means that there’s no blood, no pain, and no fear.  You just tape crystals to your skin at the points indicated in the charts above, and relax as they work their magic.  That’s it.

There is absolutely NO reason at all to try some risky Western alternative… do yourself a favor, and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.  Buy yourself a set of DIY Acupuncture Crystals and start enjoying the increased attention you deserve.

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