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Acupuncture DIY Crystals activate faster when you add distilled, filtered or spring water on the unbranded smooth surface. Try it out before you apply to your skin.

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  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after each acupuncture DIY session.

  • Each session should be 15 to 30 minutes in duration. Avoid over-stimulation.

  • DO NOT apply crystals on the abdomen area when over-starvation or over-eating.

  • DO NOT apply crystals on inflammation, tumor, skin disease and joint area.

  • DO NOT apply crystals directly on the heart. For pregnant women, DO NOT apply crystals on "Sanyinjiao", "Jianjing" and "Hegu" acupuncture points.

  • Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 12

  • Everyone reacts to crystals differently. The extreme minty and spicy feeling you get from the crystals means there are some blockages. The crystals are working for you. Please be patient and let your chi flow smoothly.

  • Crystals are fragile against hardened surfaces, such as tiled floor. Please handle with care.

  • Avoid hand contact with mucous membrane such as eyes, inside of mouth after each acupuncture session. For example, if you need to put on or remove your contact lenses, please use a glove to apply crystals; afterwards, you can remove the glove before handling contact lenses.. Eyes safety is very important. When irritations occur, thoroughly wash your hands with water.

  • Please exercise common sense. Read FAQ for more information. Contact us if you have any additional questions.

Manic Over-Excitement



Locations Acupuncture Point (s) Duration


in between eye brows 15-30 Minutes


on the top of the foot in the webbing between the big toe and the second toe.


Manic Over-Excitement

What is Manic Over-Excitement?

Manic over-excitement also referred to as excited delirium is a medical condition that mostly affects people during a high emotional state. This leads to a delirious state of mind where the person suffering from this may feel super strong, have high pain tolerance threshold, suffer from anxiety, hallucinate, may have speech disturbances and react extremely aggressively.

Although not common, this may be a direct result of extreme anger build-up that can lead the individual to a mental stage where a person may act out of his or her nature. Not only that, people who were previously abusing certain substances or are in the withdrawal phase may have mild to low level manic over-excitement. What are the risks and dangers of manic over-excitement?

This is a problem that can ultimately lead to death due to cardiac arrest or respiratory system failure during a hyper attack of manic excitement phase.

People suffering from milder manic excitement may find life boring, dull and not worth living. The extra stimuli generated by the brain during this stage lead to aggressive and volatile behavior towards other human beings leading to often very awkward social situations.

What is the safest treatment for fear?

Traditional medication does not fully provide for care for this state. In many cases, views are still split on the disorder and many physicians still consider it a very controversial problem. Since the mental state leads to other very dangerous physical disorders as well, treatment is often focused at the physical problems rather than the mental state.

In terms of acupuncture through crystals, a long term treatment is available for the problem which is extremely useful for people in the early stages of the problem. If you feel anxiety, have anger tantrums, find aggressive outbursts towards people and have difficult to control impulses, the painless crystal acupuncture technique can be extremely useful for you.

The award winning breakthrough medical treatment is designed in such a way that each crystal provides for a certain attribute or a quality. When used in a certain combination and at different places, the combined effect of the crystal helps in relieving stress and eases blood circulation lowering the harmful effects of dangerous waste products that the blood is responsible to dispose of. This painless and needle free acupuncture method is designed in such a way that it targets specific prime points on the body and helps them function at their optimal best.

Our medication method also offers the patients maximum privacy as they do not require additional help from any outsider. I understood a long time ago that many people are very shy about their diseases and are often late to treatment because they feel unsafe and insecure about talking about their problems. Since it is a medical problem, people are shy to talk to others as they feel in doing so, they will get unfairly judged.

To avoid such situations, I have been able to provide a treatment regime that can be carried out by one person on their own without any problem. If you have been waiting for such a technique to change the medical world, you are in luck. You do not have to wait any further and can safely start your home based needle and painless medical acupuncture treatment that is completely safe and is verified by FDA as well.

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