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Acupuncture DIY Crystals activate faster when you add distilled, filtered or spring water on the unbranded smooth surface. Try it out before you apply to your skin.

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  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after each acupuncture DIY session.

  • Each session should be 15 to 30 minutes in duration. Avoid over-stimulation.

  • DO NOT apply crystals on the abdomen area when over-starvation or over-eating.

  • DO NOT apply crystals on inflammation, tumor, skin disease and joint area.

  • DO NOT apply crystals directly on the heart. For pregnant women, DO NOT apply crystals on "Sanyinjiao", "Jianjing" and "Hegu" acupuncture points.

  • Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 12

  • Everyone reacts to crystals differently. The extreme minty and spicy feeling you get from the crystals means there are some blockages. The crystals are working for you. Please be patient and let your chi flow smoothly.

  • Crystals are fragile against hardened surfaces, such as tiled floor. Please handle with care.

  • Avoid hand contact with mucous membrane such as eyes, inside of mouth after each acupuncture session. For example, if you need to put on or remove your contact lenses, please use a glove to apply crystals; afterwards, you can remove the glove before handling contact lenses.. Eyes safety is very important. When irritations occur, thoroughly wash your hands with water.

  • Please exercise common sense. Read FAQ for more information. Contact us if you have any additional questions.

Common Cold



Locations Acupuncture Point (s) Duration


on the top of the shoulder blade. To find the point go directly up from the nipple, around the top of the trapezoid muscle, and down to the top of the shoulder blade. 15-30 Minutes


in the back of the head, in the large depression under the base of the skull.


bend your arm, press your thumb into the hollow located on the outer side of the arm, directly above the elbow, between the elbow joint (below) and the muscle (above).


Common Cold - Gone without pain

Some of us seem to be a magnet for cold, flu and viral infections. Has cold been a continuous hold back in your pursuing tasks and joining fun activities? We know how bad you feel, when every time no one, but you are the one to be in your room, resting unwillingly, missing an important meeting or a family get together.

Flu, fever, runny nose and all these symptoms are a distress not only to your routine but lung health as well. In most cases, viral infections last for not more than 3 days but when it is too often, it becomes a matter of concern. No need to feel helpless to bacterial infections; switch to a painless and relevant DIY acupuncture treatment.

The unique method of acupuncture introduces relieving penetration by triggering the different relevant points for different diseases. The DIY acupuncture is a relief for those who feel nervous about the insertion of needles involved in the acupuncture therapy.

Cold may give all different kinds of symptoms to us. But whether its high fever, flu, headache, sore throat or even common cold, DIY acupuncture will solve at all.

The no needle acupuncture does not give you the poking pain and irritation. You can do it yourself and get rid of the common cold without paying fees to any doctor. We provide crystals made of premium quality gemstone, volcanic zeolite and breathable silicon to remove the pain peacefully without using a single needle. The “do it yourself acupuncture” has been clinically proved to be the best effective and painless acupuncture.

All you need to do is to use premium skin tape to hold the 6 crystals and let them do abracadabra with your common cold. Not, only you get premium quality acupuncture crystals, but you get the premium skin tap as well as Three Years of product life support.

Take better control of your health now and make your immune system stronger and infections weaker.


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