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Acupuncture DIY Crystals activate faster when you add distilled, filtered or spring water on the unbranded smooth surface. Try it out before you apply to your skin.

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  • Wash hands thoroughly before and after each acupuncture DIY session.

  • Each session should be 15 to 30 minutes in duration. Avoid over-stimulation.

  • DO NOT apply crystals on the abdomen area when over-starvation or over-eating.

  • DO NOT apply crystals on inflammation, tumor, skin disease and joint area.

  • DO NOT apply crystals directly on the heart. For pregnant women, DO NOT apply crystals on "Sanyinjiao", "Jianjing" and "Hegu" acupuncture points.

  • Not recommended for pregnant women and children under 12

  • Everyone reacts to crystals differently. The extreme minty and spicy feeling you get from the crystals means there are some blockages. The crystals are working for you. Please be patient and let your chi flow smoothly.

  • Crystals are fragile against hardened surfaces, such as tiled floor. Please handle with care.

  • Avoid hand contact with mucous membrane such as eyes, inside of mouth after each acupuncture session. For example, if you need to put on or remove your contact lenses, please use a glove to apply crystals; afterwards, you can remove the glove before handling contact lenses.. Eyes safety is very important. When irritations occur, thoroughly wash your hands with water.

  • Please exercise common sense. Read FAQ for more information. Contact us if you have any additional questions.




Locations Acupuncture Point (s) Duration


on the intersection of nipple line and belly button line. 15-30 Minutes


two fingers-width below the belly button.


with the tip of your index finger probe the area on the front side of a leg below the knee until you feel a slight dip.



There is probably no more embarrassing illness to have than Diarrhea.  What is ironic, is that temporary, minor diarrhea is actually quite common.  Unfortunately, it’s also very inconvenient.  It keeps you away from important life events, like work, meetings, and social gatherings.

Sometimes Diarrhea can be an indicator of larger problems, however, like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.  That means treating Diarrhea quickly is of the utmost importance.  Diarrhea dehydrates the body to sometimes dangerous levels. At the very least, this causes a lot of fatigue, so it is very important to replace this loss of water during treatment.  At the worst, well… let’s hope it doesn’t get THAT bad.  If left unchecked, Diarrhea can cause serious long term problems to your health, and can even kill.

Luckily, the ancient art of chinese healing through acupuncture can help you flush away all that pain, discomfort, and embarrassment.  What’s more, it can do so painlessly and easily.

Our special healing crystals are simply taped to the body at certain specified points in order to jumpstart the body’s natural healing process.  No actual needles or puncturing of the skin are involved, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up any blood or dealing with any painful childhood fears of needles.  Actually, you won’t believe how easy the process is.  Once you’ve done it once, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been doing it for years!

If you are currently experiencing any of the symptoms of Diarrhea, such as loose or watery stools, don’t delay! 

Get your healing crystals as soon as possible!

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