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Acupuncture DIY crystals and the method of healing are backed by decades of research. Please refer to following research and development papers from academic institutions all over the world. This section will be updated continuously as acupuncture DIY products are improved. Feel free to contact Premier Support team should you have any questions about clinical trial data, technical acupuncture point names, and advanced documentations.

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  Acupuncture works, but it appears to work equally well with or without needle penetration. This conclusion was drawn from a treatment study involving cancer patients suffering from nausea during radiotherapy. This study confirms the effectiveness of techniques I’ve been advocating for quite some time. While acupuncture has proven to be an effective treatment for pain, high blood pressure, nausea, morning sickness, and a variety of other problems, the secret to acupuncture has never been the actual penetration of the needles; rather it is the principle of your body’s meridians.
- Dr. Joseph Mercola and Vetenskapsrådet (The Swedish Clinical Research Council)
  Far infrared rays and beneficial ions emitted from the gem, jade, silicon, and zeolite composite material induce thermal vasodilatation that penetrates semi-permiable skin, where it dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow and moves waste fluids out of the body. The toxins binding property found in the active ingredients, such as sporopollenin, bind various substances such as heavy metals, toxins and pesticides like a sponge.
- US Patent Number 8,317,762. International Patent 12/267,731 Inventor: Suzuki, M.D. (Pharmacologist) and Nurman S (Biophysical Scientist)

Granite stone, ceramic disks, hot spring water and human palmar energy (called "Kikoh" in Japan and China), all which emit electromagnetic radiation in the far infrared region (wavelength 4-14 microns). These materials were thus examined for effects on human leukocyte activity and on lipid peroxidation of unsaturated fatty acids. It was revealed that these materials significantly increased intracellular calcium ion concentration, phagocytosis, and generation of reactive oxygen species in neutrophils, and the blastogenetic response of lymphocytes to mitogens.
The results suggest that materials emitting electromagnetic radiation in the far infrared range, which are widely used in Japan for cosmetic, therapeutic, and preservative purposes, appear capable of potentiating leukocyte functions without promoting oxidative injury.
-Journal of Cosmetic Science, 53, 175-184 (May/June 2002)

  The study included 277 patients at the university hospitals in Linköping and Lund, as well as Karolinska Institutet University Hospital in Solna. They underwent radiation treatment against cancer in the abdominal and pelvic regions. They were randomly assigned to three groups, two of whom received traditional and simulated acupuncture respectively, and a group that did not receive acupuncture and only care according to normal routines with nausea medicine.
The results show that patients receiving real or simulated acupuncture recovered better than the group receiving care according to normal routines. On the other hand, there the two acupuncture groups returned the same results. This is despite the fact that during the five-week treatment period the placebo needles touched the skin only for only two minutes in total.

Karolinska Institutet and Linköping University
  Compared to usual Post-Traumatic Stress & PTSD Disorder (PTSD) care, a four week course of twice weekly TCM acupuncture resulted in significantly greater improvements in: PTSD symptoms (pre-post ES 1.4-1.6; versus usualcare ES 0.7-1.0), depression and pain symptoms, and mental health functioning.
United States Deployment Health Clinic Cente
  Patients (n=101) suffering myofascial shoulder pain were randomly assigned to either needle-free or conventional needle injection acupuncture group. Shoulder pain was significantly reduced by the treatment in both groups. Patients treated by needle-free acupuncture reported less anxiety, less discomfort and fewer adverse events. Needle-free acupuncture can become an alternative to the conventional needle injection method.
School of Nursing, University of Texas and United States National Library of Medicine
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