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Experience the joy of mastering your own health and being your own best doctor. Learn your own body's physiology and challenge yourself to take health and wellbeing to a whole new level. This acupuncture DIY system is designed by very experienced acupuncturists and naturopathic doctors. Join the acupuncture DIY community and have an amazing time proactively living life to the fullest.
Top Quality Natural Ingredients United States FDA Licensed
Hundreds of Uses Product Life Time Support
Lightweight and Portable Worthwhile Health Investment
Be Your Own Best Doctor Help Family and Friends

   Clean and Modern Manufacturing Process  


FDA Licensed
Acupuncture DIY crystals are classified as a low-risk medical device. The product is manufactured in factories that are licensed by the Food and Drugs Administration in the United States.
SGS Certified
The manufacturing process is SGS inspected and certified to ensure the very best product quality, sustainability, safety and compliance throughout all stages of the process.
   Chemical and Heavy Metals Detoxification  


The results of chemical and heavy metal analysis on minerals, is in both new and used Acupuncture DIY crystals. The analysis is tested with a bioresonance device, the syncrometer, in a controlled lab.

Both old and new Acupuncture DIY crystals were used in scientific lab tests producing the results shown in this chart. The new crystals were totally free of any of these toxic substances and the used crystals were able to absorb and purge these nine most notable toxins (and more...) from your body as indicated by the percentage in the chart. This is the evidence of the safety and effectiveness of heavy metal and chemical detoxification, that your body is able to get rid of these dangerous toxins after each acupuncture DIY session. Please refer to Clinical Research and FAQ sections for further statistical details.

DIY Crystals Facts
Premium gemstone, volcanic zeolite, breathable silicon, muyu jade stone, silver, rare earth elements and additional rejuvenating alkaline materials
Safety Standard:
United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Licensed
SGS International Certified
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance Certified
Recommended Users:
Acupuncture DIY users utilize crystals as a great complementary healthcare option to manage many physical and mental conditions, anytime and anywhere, at a fraction of the cost. Users do not see acupuncture as a replacement for conventional medical care.  
Not Recommended:
Pregnant women and children (under 12 years old)  
Product Lifespan:
The crystal absorbs heavy metals and chemicals through the skin. The product's lifespan is therefore 36 Months or 100 acupuncture DIY sessions.
Premium Customer Support:
Included: 36 months of email support for the crystals, and a user manual.

Not Included: Any medical diagnosis is out of the scope, and users must consult their own doctor or medical professional.
1. Self-diagnosis. Find condition and acupuncture points in the easy to use manual.
2. Apply 6 DIY crystals and tape.
3. Relax and quiet body for 15 to 30 minutes as crystals will use body's internal energy to heat up and cool down.

The package includes 6 Acupuncture DIY crystals, high quality tape for skin, and 36 months of premium customer support.

Any replacements due to shipping breakages are FREE.

Product Rating: 5/5

I was skeptical about all the hype at first, but I was instantly convinced after crystals heat up on my skin within minutes. I had been going to regular acupuncture visits for cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Now, I do acupuncture on myself at home while getting work done.
I feel awesome!
Minas Edify
   Temperature and Circulation Regulation in Thermography Tests  
  Neck Area Before:
The thermograph shows neck area has average level of circulation and temperature.
  Hand Area Before
The thermograph shows the below average hand circulation and temperature.
  Neck Area After:
After the DIY crystals are applied to the neck region for about 10 minutes. The thermograph shows an accelerated circulation and increase in body temperature.
  Hand Area After:
After 10 minutes, the crystals helped hands improve circulation and increase temperature to normal level. The crystals do not get hot. The body is using its internal energy to heal with crystals' help.
Conditions Managed by Acupuncture DIY Crystals

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